To successfully manage a retail business, knowledge, experience and outstanding employees are simply not enough. You need countless eyes and fingers on the pulse.

So how is it that in today’s world, retail businesses are still managed by way of text messages, e-mails and faxes?


The time has come to improve work processes and to fix problematic communication channels
orchestrate your retail business on one platform!

One platform for all

Shared information, processes, sales campaigns and more, so that your employees are involved in what is needed and carried out in your business in real time. Usage of content in any format: text, audio, images, clips, with bi-directional communication for efficient and short response times.

Simple communication, even for technophobes

Unique system for the retail domain, creates immediate interaction with employees, even with non-tech-savvy users. Allows users to focus on important tasks, saving time and confusion.

Intelligent team management

Organized and detailed task lists, deadline management, workload management and segmented notifications – all on the mobile platform, anytime, anywhere, in full synchronization via everyone's smartphones.

All these advantages on one SAAS platform

News and hot updates
Surveys and questionnaires
Segmented messaging – send messages to selected contacts only
Upload pictures
Personal goals
Benefits and promotions
Task management
לוח משרות פנויות
Uploading videos
"Suggestions Box" – easy way for employees to suggest ideas for improvement
Sales Competition
Outstanding employees
Choosing gifts for the holidays
Welcoming new employees – embracing, welcoming, training
Aggregated contact list – all employees' and managers' contact details
Company special events and fun days – organize, coordinate, RSVP

depoint is revolutionizing the retail business domain!

depoint is the first system of its kind especially for the retail market and offers a wide variety of management solutions:

  • Smart mobile app that helps quickly & efficiently manage & process daily tasks.
  • Adaptable to any retail business, employees are connected & synched in a click.
  • Connects previously “disconnected” employees, raising business efficiency & awareness, providing employees a sense of loyalty, belonging & commitment.
  • Saves time, money and raises overall efficiency, improving the bottom line.

Get to depoint

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